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About Muurmeesters

Muurmeesters was founded in 2015 by Sylvia Kieft in her hometown Haarlem. Together with her team, she offers beautiful paintings by the Dutch Masters to a wide audience. Unique Muurmeesters, and a primal Dutch product. Muurmeesters would like to let as many people as possible enjoy the beauty and power of the masterpieces - by among others Vermeer, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Breitner.

After providing many Dutch kitchens, living rooms, offices and catering establishments with the vibrant masters, it was time to send the masterpieces across the border. Muurmeesters launched its international webshop muurmeesters.com in April 2017.

About Muurmeesters

The Muurmeesters Exhibition Team | Photo KEESNAN Photography

From childhood Sylvia was fascinated by the paintings of the Dutch Old Masters, but it was the power of a large textile print by Hendrik Voogd in 2015 that gave her the final push towards starting her business. Her contacts in the print world and experience in design and photography made it possible to realise Muurmeesters. They are Dutch masterpieces - a 100% Dutch product, from Dutch soil - suitable for any size wall and any budget.

Sylvia devotes herself daily and with great enthusiasm to her business and is the driving force behind Muurmeesters. She is supported by a motivated team of professionals, who together strive to let as many people as possible enjoy the beautiful masterpieces of the Dutch Masters.

About Muurmeesters

Graphic designer Marleen Sintenie (left) and owner Sylvia Kieft (right)