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Japanese Masters

At Muurmeesters we have always loved Ohara Koson's pen drawings. Since Marie Gon of VT Wonen made a design for us in 2019 for a round Muurmeester with Ohara Koson's Goldfish for the VT Wonen & Design fair, we knew for sure, we are going to take a trip to Japan!

Wall Masters Ohara Koson Landing Page 1

Why? The composition and simplicity of the designs are so beautifully detailed and yet simple, have calm colors, nice narrow sizes, give peace and strength to a space. Muurmeesters offers versions in velvet and gold frames. The combination of this with a Japanese print gives a chic, different from usual WOW effect, matching the current color and living trends.


That is why, as a novelty, we expanded our collection of artworks with a number of pen drawings by Koson.

So do you have an empty wall? Then choose a Master on your own wall ! A Dutch master or now also a Japanese master. The Muurmeesters on textile are all top quality, interchangeable, available in velvet, even in gold colored framed and are shipped within about 10 working days.

If you have any questions or a special request, send us an email, we are happy to help you!