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Choose an old master portrait on your wall. Your favourite masterpiece is available at Muurmeesters. In the category Portraits, you will of course find the well-known portraits by our Dutch Masters, but also the lesser known classic portraits with beautiful collars by Frans Pourbus For example, you will find them in this category.

Jan Willem Vantuil


At Muurmeesters we love the old masters. We love to see them on our wall, at home and in the office. Our goal is to make as many people as possible happy with their favorite masterpiece in high-quality material on your own wall, people who create a piece of home museum and their own wall art.

Muurmeesters are strong prints on fabric in an aluminum frame. You can determine your own size, from small to large. This way you get your reproduction of art/masterpieces on your own wall. In the very best quality.

In the category Portraits, you will find well-known and less well-known portraits by Dutch Masters. Rembrandt van RijnVincent van GoghFrans Hals Johannes VermeerJohannes VerspronckJoseph Israel and much more.

You should also take a look at the other categories in which you Landscapes and Still lifes of the old masters conveniently placed together.

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