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Floris Claesz van Dijck

Floris Claesz Van Dijck Still Life with Cheeses Ca 1615 400x290 1 600x600 1


The life of Floris

Floris Claesz van Dyck is a famous Dutch painter, belonging to the Dutch school, and is especially known for his still lifes.

The painter Floris Claesz van Dyck worked and lived most of his life in Haarlem. In 1604, he got engaged. After completing his education in the Netherlands, he left for Italy on a study trip. On his return to the Netherlands, he was admitted to the Guild of St Luke in Haarlem and held a high position there.

During the last 25 years of his life, Floris Claesz van Dyck was less active as a painter. The precise reason for this is not known. However, it could be that van Dyck painted less because he no longer needed to make a living from it. His will, which he made in 1605, showed that he was a wealthy man.

The work of Van Dyck

Floris Claesz van Dyck is mainly known for his still lifes and his faithful reproduction of flowers and plants. He also painted 'breakfasts', a laid table with nuts, fruit and cheeses. Only ten still lifes by Floris Claesz van Dyck are known.

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