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George Hendrik Breitner

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The Life of George Breitner

George Breitner, born in Rotterdam, started at the academy in The Hague in 1876 and then worked for a year in Willem Maris' studio. In this early period, the painter George Hendrik Breitner influenced by the painters of the Hague School. He saw himself as a 'painter of the people' and preferred models from the lower classes, such as workers, maids and residents of working-class neighbourhoods.

When George Breitner moved to Amsterdam in 1886, he began to record the city life of Amsterdam in sketches, paintings and photographs. Sometimes he approached one subject from different angles and with different weather conditions. Some photographs served as direct examples for a painting, but also as general study material.

The Work of Breitner

Breitner is considered to be part of Amsterdam's Impressionism movement. Breitner tried to show a pure, bare reality, for which Amsterdam proved to be the perfect place. However, George Breitner's use of reality was not always pure. He camouflaged when it suited him and sometimes whole buildings disappeared from the street scene in his paintings.

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