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Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck

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The life and work of Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck

Johannes was born in Haarlem as the eldest son of portrait painter Cornelis Engelsz Verspronck, originally from Gouda, and Maritge Jansdr Rodenrijsen, between 1600 and 1603.

Johannes lived with his parents for a long time and was taught portrait painting by his father. Frans Hals probably also contributed to his painting because some influence can be seen in Johannes's paintings, although he worked much more on the details than Frans Hals. Johannes also worked in Frans Hals's studio. In 1632, Johannes became a member of the Guild of St Luke in Haarlem.

Johannes Verspronck was a painter and draughtsman in the Baroque style of the Golden Age. The wealthy citizens of Haarlem and its surroundings loved to have their portraits painted by Johannes. There are at least 100 known portraits by Johannes's hand. His paintings radiate tranquillity and are unobtrusive, being painted rather with a soft brushstroke. Johannes himself was a quiet, unremarkable man who lived in the Sint Jansstraat in Haarlem.

Johannes died in Haarlem on 30 June 1662 and always lived and worked there. Only one signed still life by Johannes is known.

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