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Round Masters

Round shapes are attractive, also within the interior. Organic shapes provide warmth, have a playful effect and have a positive influence on our state of mind. We are therefore proud that we have succeeded in breaking through the straight lines and from September 2019 we can also offer our most beautiful Dutch masterpieces in round black aluminum frames!

Wall Masters Round Classic Old Master Crowned Crane

To make our round Muurmeesters even more beautiful, they are printed on a velvety fabric. The fabric feels rich and soft, gives depth and contrast to the painting and does not shine. The textile of the round frames is strong, colorfast and has a soft touch.

Choose a classic on the wall

At Muurmeesters we love the old masters. We love to see them on our wall, at home and in the office. Our goal is to make as many people as possible happy with their favorite masterpiece in high-quality material on your own wall, people who create a piece of home museum and their own wall art.

Muurmeesters are strong textile prints in an aluminum frame. You can determine your own size, from small to large. This way you get your reproduction of art/masterpieces on your own wall. In the very best quality.

The delivery time of a round master is slightly longer, count on about 10 working days. But it's nice: the round masters are delivered ready-made, you can hang it on the wall in no time!

(By the way, for now the round frames are only delivered within the Netherlands)