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Velvet Masters

All our masters can be delivered in a velvet version. Velvet gives extra shine and power to the Dutch masterpieces and ensures dynamic colour contrasts. The paintings have a high strokability factor: they just ask to be stroked.

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Velvet also goes so well with our 17th century paintings. In those days, wealthy people flaunted their velvet, satin and silk clothing. In exceptional cases, velvet tapestries hung on the walls. In Amsterdam and The Hague, distinguished canals were given the name Velvet Burgwal, and the Huis aan de Drie Grachten (House on the Three Canals) on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal still has a plaque with this name.

The velvet paintings fit into all living styles: classic, rural, but also modern interiors because of the contrast.

Details from old masters

Details from old masters are also shown off to their best advantage on velvet. This way they get even more attention. In this category you will find a number of velvet paintings, they are available in sizes 30×30, 30×40 and 40×40 cm. A number of Aai-catchers are specially designed by @ Marie-Gon | VT Wonen.

Maximum size velvet masters

Up to a maximum width/height of 130 and 155, all our Wallmasters are available in velvet with a surcharge of 50%. Send us an email with your wishes and we will send you a confirmation. The delivery time of the velvet masters is slightly longer than the usual 8 working days.