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Haerlemsche Meesters - Press page


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Haerlemsche Meesters 8211 Press page

Frans Hals, Meeting of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Cluveniers' militia, 1633, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem



Haarlem, 31 May 2021 - The renowned Frans Hals Museum and Muurmeesters are entering into a unique collaboration to make old art by Haarlem painters accessible. The two Haarlem-based organisations are bringing together a new collection of high-quality reproductions of 'Haerlemsche Meesters' for use on walls at home, in the office or in the hospitality sector. Top pieces from the collection of the Frans Hals Museum are now also part of the official collection of Muurmeesters.


The painter Frans Hals (c. 1582 - 1666) is the most famous Haarlem painter from the 'Golden Age' and belongs, together with Rembrandt and Vermeer, to the three great Dutch masters. He was a virtuoso portraitist who immortalised many prominent but also everyday citizens of his time. Frans Hals was a master in depicting liveliness and movement. He is also famous for his magnificent use of colour and virtuoso brushwork. The 'master of the loose stroke' was even regarded as a great example by the Impressionists. Besides world-famous militia paintings by Frans Hals, the exhibition also includes still lifes, portraits and biblical scenes by other old masters from Haarlem.


Muurmeesters and the Frans Hals Museum are therefore very enthusiastic and proud of the collaboration. For the Frans Hals Museum this partnership is also an opportunity to make art even more accessible. Museum director Ann Demeester: "The Frans Hals Museum wants to inspire as many people as possible with art, in the museum where we combine old and modern art in a stimulating mix, but also outside the museum walls. To this end, we like to work together with renowned local partners such as Muurmeesters. Together, we can get many more people to look differently and see more of Haarlem's masterpieces."

This cooperation gives Muurmeesters access to the best possible files from the entire museum collection, which guarantees the highest quality. It also offers the possibility of extra large reproductions. Frans Hals's 'Militia, Officers and NCOs of the St George's Militia', for example, is available in a width of 550 cm, without loss of quality.

Haerlemsche Meesters 8211 Press page

Left: Meeting of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Cluveniers' militia, 1627, Frans Hals, Frans Hals Museum

Haerlemsche Meesters 8211 Press page

Right: Judith Leyster, Portrait of an unknown woman, 1635, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem | Hans Bollongier, Still life with flowers, 1644, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem


Muurmeesters offers versions including soft velvet edged with beautiful frames, a combination that highlights the evocative brushstrokes and the almost roughly painted canvases of Frans Hals and offers the quality that this Haarlem old master deserves.

Also keep an eye on the social media channels, because very soon you will find very interesting actions around Frans Hals. Choose here your favourite painting from the Frans Hals and who knows, you might soon have a real Haerlemsche Muurmeester on your wall.


Information and images are available via Muurmeesters, images can be downloaded at https://we.tl/t-2UQNKDwKGQ

More information
Sylvia Kieft via +31 (0)23 2052442 or sylvia@muurmeesters.nl

About Muurmeesters

Muurmeesters was founded in 2015 by Sylvia Kieft in Haarlem. With Frans Hals from her hometown leading the way, Sylvia was always impressed by the painting of Dutch Old Masters. A life-size print of Hendrik Voogd that she came across prompted her to start her own business. Sylvia's excellent contacts in the printing world and extensive experience in design and photography enable Muurmeesters to produce high quality reproductions and make a genuine Dutch Master accessible to a wide audience. With Muurmeesters, Sylvia Kieft offers a 100% Dutch high quality product from Dutch soil. Muurmeesters are suitable for every size of wall and every budget and are delivered to all countries.

About the Frans Hals Museum

The Frans Hals Museum is one museum on two monumental locations in the beautiful old town of Haarlem: Hof and Hal. With a tantalising mix of old, modern and contemporary art, Het Frans Hals Museum challenges you to look at things differently. The museum brings phenomena and ideas together, combines pixels with brushstrokes and asks critical questions, sometimes even of itself. It reflects on the existing collection and makes new work by artists possible. In this way, we want to surprise you, offer new perspectives and, above all, show you more.