Product information - Wall masters

Product information

Purchasing a Muurmeester is choosing for a (large) format print of a master from our collection. This master is printed on polyester fabric 210gr/m2 and equipped with a special strip (a tendon confection) for easy fitting and changing of the fabric in the frame.

The resilience of the stretched textile means that it is not vulnerable. This is a great advantage when hanging in rooms such as living rooms, corridors, restaurants, waiting rooms or offices. The textile can even be cleaned.

The Muurmeester comes with a sturdy aluminium frame in aluminium, black or golden colour. Made to measure. Easy self-assembly, using a manual. Once attached to the wall, you simply press your textile into the frame.

It is possible to equip the Muurmeester with dampening material to reduce the acoustics in rooms, see additional options. Please indicate this in the comments box during the ordering process or send Send us an e-mailWe will then send an offer.


We recommend that you hang your Muurmeester with one or more hooks that are included in your order (screws and plugs not included).
For a format larger than 120 cm width, we recommend using 2 suspension hooks at the top.
When you want your Muurmeester to sit firmly on the wall or when using acoustic panels we recommend mounting at least one suspension hook at the bottom.
Of course, it is also possible to attach your Muurmeester to your wall in a different way. For example, on a rail system. It is important that you make sure that you use a hook which fits in the recess of the Muurmeester frame. We do not recommend the use of acoustic material for a wall-master which is hung on a rail system, because in this way the Muurmeester cannot be mounted tightly on the wall and the acoustic panel cannot always be kept in place.


By the way, we recommend to illuminate the Muurmeester well, as this will make the image stand out even more. You should also consider casting the light from a corner. In Johannes Vermeer's Melkmeisje, for example, the light coming from the top left is magnificent!