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The power of a Muurmeester

At Muurmeesters, we want to offer you more than a nice oainting on the wall; we want to offer you a product that can breathe new life into a space and change the energy in an instant. A Muurmeester matches your space, the season, your mood and your lifestyle.

Muurmeesters reinforces the works of the Dutch Masters with:


The Muurmeester prints are delivered in sturdy, luxurious aluminium frames - also available in black and gold - in which the prints are shown to their best advantage. These frames make it very easy to change the paintings. In this way you can order several paintings and completely change the energy and appearance of your space whenever you like. Adjust your painting to your mood, an occasion or the season with the changeable prints of Muurmeesters.


We print the works of the Dutch Masters on textile of a very high quality. The works come to life, are given body and retain their original strength and beauty. The material is strong and can take a beating. In addition, the Muurmeesters are easy to clean and are therefore a perfect solution for the hospitality industry, offices and families with young children.


Muurmeesters makes it possible to admire your favourite paintings - for which you used to go to the museum - on your own wall every day. With a Muurmeester, you can enjoy the unique works of Holland's greatest masters. You can choose the size of your wall master yourself, which makes the canvas even more unique.


The paintings will be delivered in a contemporary aluminium frame, in which the beauty and power of the masterpieces will be fully appreciated. Due to the fact that you can choose your own size, you will make a true ‘statement’ in any room.

100% DUTCH

A Wall Master is a 100% Dutch product. The paintings are made by (old) Dutch masters and are printed on Dutch textile. The frames were also made by a Dutch designer, and from the Dutch city of Haarlem, we work on this typically Dutch concept every day with great enthusiasm.


Under the motto: "if you do it, do it well", we offer you the masterpieces in (almost) any size. For example, you can cover an entire wall with a large wall masterpiece and completely change the room. Out of respect for the artwork and the artist, we keep the original proportions of the work on the website. Should you wish a different size, please send us an e-mail!

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