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Where can I see Muurmeesters?

Muurmeesters does not have a shop. Or a showroom. We have so many images - and Muurmeesters's strong point is precisely that everyone can choose their own sizes - that we cannot stockpile. The choice is simply too great for that!


In Haarlem, we have a number of beautiful sight locations.

In the museum café Cleeff Frans Hals of the Frans Hals Museum location Hof, you will find the portrait of an unknown woman by Judith Leyster in a golden frame.

At ML in Haarlem you will find 3 Haerlemsche Meesters and 4 Muurmeesters (by Rachel Ruysch and Coorte). The Muurmeesters at this location are placed in an extra thick frame with extra thick acoustic material so that it is pleasant to linger in the beautiful period rooms. ML is located in the heart of the city centre, next to the St. Bavo Church at Klokhuisplein 9.

At Van Til Interieur at the Noorderkade in Alkmaar, 5 beautiful Muurmeesters hang in the showroom in the design department.

In Naarden, a beautiful Muurmeester shows off at the café/restaurant Het Hert in Cattenhage Street 12.

In Anna Paulowna, a super large format can be admired at Boudewijn Hosmus Keukenambacht at Kruiswijk 30. Please make an appointment in advance


Muurmeesters can be admired at Roermond's most beautiful shop in a beautiful building: LOFT76 at Godsweerdersingel 7 and at Interior Playground on Raadhuisstraat 16a in Geleen


At the beautiful shop, with wonderful antechambers Carlos in huis on the Hofstraat 13-15 in Deventer


By October 2020, many Muurmeesters [including a round one] will be on display at KoK WooncenterUtrecht's biggest design living room shop, Hamseweg 18 in Hoogland / Amersfoort