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Wisteria with flytrap Koson - round



ca 1900-1930

Turn your wall into a Masterpiece with this Japanese painting by Ohara Koson. The details, the subdued colours of Koson's paintings give peace and strength to a room.

Your Japanese master comes with a velvet print. Luxurious, strong, colourfast and with a soft touch. In combination with a round frame you create something special.

Koson's masters look beautiful in your living room, bedroom or office and can be ordered in various sizes and versions. Your round master is delivered ready-made in a black frame. Unfortunately only available in the Netherlands for the time being. Read more about the painting here

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Japanese Wisteria with flytrap on your wall

Do you want this beautiful Japanese master in the round on your wall? Choose your favourite size and order. You can count on

high quality print in velvet
including list
available in different sizes
your round master comes assembled
Shipping costs in the Netherlands are included. A surcharge will apply for delivery of the round frames to the Wadden Islands, Zeeland and Zeeland Flanders. Unfortunately, round frames are not (yet) delivered outside the Netherlands.


Original: coloured woodcut, W 18.3 cm x H 34.9 cm

The composition and simplicity of Koson's designs are beautifully detailed yet simple. They have subdued colours, nice narrow sizes and give tranquility and strength to a space. Muurmeesters offers designs in velvet. The combination of this with a Japanese print gives a chic, different WOW effect, matching the current colour and living trends.

Read more about the life and work of Ohara Koson on his painter page.