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Wall Master's Portrait of Cornelia Vooght 1631 Frans Hals Museum
Wall Master's Portrait of Cornelia Vooght 1631 Frans Hals Imp1
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Portrait of Cornelia Vooght




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Painter: Frans Hals, (Antwerp c. 1582/83 - Haarlem 1666)
Year: 1631
Official title: Portrait of Cornelia Claesdr Vooght
Original: oil on panel, 101 x 126,5 cm, wxh

Nice: The portrait of Cornelia can be admired in the Museumcafé Cleeff Frans Hals, location Hof. The portraits of Cornelia and Nicolaes can also be admired at ML in Haarlem in the brasserie.

About Cornelia Cleasdr Vooght

Cornelia came from a brewing family, brewery Vooght on the Coude Horn. This was run by her brother Willem Claesz Vooght. Her sister Maritge married Pieter Jacobsz Olycan who owned, among other things, the Vogelstruys brewery on the Spaarne. This couple was also painted by Frans Hals.

The married couple Nicolaes van der Meer and Cornelia Vooght

Nicolaes van der Meer and Cornelia Vooght were a prominent couple from Haarlem; they married in 1598. Cornelia's husband Nicolaes was a brewer of beer brewery De Leeuw, an alderman, more than once mayor and officer of the St. Joris militia. In his position as captain of the militia, he was portrayed by Frans Hals on the militia piece from 1616. The black dress and long fur coat worn by Cornelia in the painting are a sign of luxury and wealth.

Nicolaes and Cornelia were depicted by Frans Hals in two separate paintings that belong together. The wall in one portrait seems to continue on to the other. Traditionally, the portrait of the man hangs on the left and that of the woman on the right. Frans Hals painted many of these kinds of pendents (marriage portraits of men and women) during his career.

The portrait that Frans made of Nicolaes can be found here

Something strange about the painting

Something strange is going on with these two portraits. X-rays have shown that the faces of Nicolaes and Cornelia were painted over other portraits. Why that happened is not known. Perhaps the patrons were not (or no longer) satisfied with their portrait, or perhaps Nicolaes and Cornelia had a pendant that was already in the family altered with their own faces. (Marriage portraits, after all, remained in a family for a long time).

Coat of arms

The coats of arms on both paintings were also added later - probably in the 19th century. The dye that appears in the family coats of arms - Prussian blue - only came into general use after 1720. Moreover, the coat of arms does not yet appear on a drawing Johan van der Sprang made of Cornelia's portrait in 1762.

This masterpiece of Frans Hals is part of our collection Haerlemsche Meesters and can be seen in the Frans Hals Museum Location Hof in Haarlem.

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Portrait of Cornelia Claesdr Vooght by Frans Hals on your wall?

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