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Wall Master's Verspronck Johannes Cornelisz Portrait of Maria Van Strijp
Wall Master Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck Portrait of Maria Van Strijp Impression
Wall masters Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck Portrait of Maria Van Strijp Impression 2

Portrait of Maria van Strijp



Turn your wall into a masterpiece with this Portrait of Maria van Strijp. To order in various sizes and a wonderful asset for the living room, bedroom or office.

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Masterpiece Portrait of Maria van Strijp by Cornelisz Verspronck on your wall

Would you like to have this beautiful masterpiece on your wall? Choose your favourite artwork in your desired size.

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Original: oil on panel 75 x 97 cm, wxh

This painting depicts the portrait of Maria van Strijp, the wife of the wealthy fabric merchant Eduard Wallis. She was born in Haarlem on 05 December 1627 as the daughter of Ariana Croes. She married Eduard on 09 April 1647 and died in Haarlem on 18 April 1707. The painting is the counterpart to the portrait of Edward Wallis and was commissioned by the couple from Johannes.

Mary sits sideways on a red chair, which was often used by Frans Hals and is copied here by Johannes, and looks to the left. This is unusual, because Johannes usually had his subjects stand.

Maria van Strijp is dressed in a black gown with large cuffs and a collar, with fine lace at the edges, underneath a green underskirt. On her lap, she holds a fan in her right hand. Her blonde hair is covered by a pearl-studded cap and she is wearing beautiful jewellery.

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