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The Love Letter by Johannes Vermeer can be ordered in various sizes and is a beautiful addition to the living room, bedroom or office.

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Original: oil on canvas 38,5 x 44 cm bxh
Date: 1669

This painting is one of Vermeer's most famous works. Vermeer chose a remarkable point of view for the painting. The painting shows a glimpse of a domestic scene in another room, seemingly made from another dimly lit room. In that scene, a woman is hopefully accepting a letter from a maid.

The subject of the letter can perhaps be deduced from the two paintings behind it, one depicting the sea and the other a lonely man walking along a road by the sea. In the 17th century, the sea was often compared to love and a ship to a lover.

Read more about the life and work of Johannes Vermeer on his painting page

The painting belongs to the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The Love Letter by Johannes Vermeer

Would you like to have this beautiful masterpiece on your wall? Choose your favourite work of art in your desired size. Read more about the life and work of Johannes Vermeer on his painting page.

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