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Wall Master Stone Jan Havicksz The Merry Family
Client photo The merry family, Jan Steen
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The merry family

Jan Steen's Merry Family can be ordered in various sizes and is a wonderful addition to the living room, bedroom or office. Read more about the painting here

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Original: oil on canvas 141 x 110.5 cm bxh

The Merry House of Jan Steen

The Merry Household is one of the famous works of Jan Steen. This painting, made in 1668, shows how people in those days dressed, lived, ate and drank. The painting depicts a living room, where several things are going on and everyone is going their separate ways. Chaos can be seen and the children do exactly those things that are bad for them, such as drinking wine and smoking. The Merry House shows a messy household with no rules and no order. The Merry Household is a 'Jan Steen household'.

There is a note on the chimney with the motto: "Soo D'Oude Songen, Soo Pypen De Jonge". This old saying makes it clear that young people take over the wrong behaviour of older people, which is clearly demonstrated in this painting. Jan Steen's The Merry Family was intended to warn society about this.


The painting is also available as a cushion cover. Look at the available cushion covers, or send us an e-mail.

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