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Muurmeesters joins Haarlem to Harlem – Present your Startup New York

Haarlem and Harlem, two of the few places in the world with almost the same name. On the themes of innovation & startups, education & talent and culture & music, a historic relationship can be strengthened. Muurmeesters will join Present Your Startup New York in May.

Last year (2016), Haarlemvalley built multiple relationships within the Harlem community thanks to Silicon Harlem, Manhattan borough president Gale Brewer and our deputy mayor of Haarlem Joyce Langenacker.

This year Haarlemvalley will travel again to meet Silicon Harlem in Harlem, New York from 27 May to 1 June 2017. This time mayor Jos Wienen of Haarlem will join them. On May 30, a second international Pitch fest will be organised. 3 Dutch startups will present themselves to the American audience and also 3 American startups will pitch.

Muurmeesters Goes Along With Haarlem To Harlem Present Your Startup New York