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Muurmeesters x Van Gogh Museum

Wall masters X Van Gogh Museum

The internationally renowned Dutch Van Gogh Museum has entered into a unique collaboration with Muurmeesters.
World-famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh are thus part of the official collection of van
Wall masters.

Who doesn't know him, that masterful post-impressionist from the second half of the 19th century? The life story of
Vincent is as colourful and impressive as his paintings. Van Gogh's influence on expressionism, the
fauvism and early abstraction was enormous, as was modern twentieth-century art.

We at Muurmeesters are therefore very proud of this official collaboration with the museum, which is entirely dedicated to Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. Through this collaboration we have access to the highest quality images of Vincent van Gogh and can deliver the beautiful images as Muurmeesters in very large formats.
Extra valuable: by purchasing a Van Gogh Wall Master you also support the Van Gogh Museum.

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For the press, download here The press release incl. press images link

Wall masters X Van Gogh Museum