What is a Wall Master? Order a master for your own wall at Muurmeesters

What is a Muurmeester?


Muurmeesters makes it possible to admire your favourite paintings - for which you used to go to the museum - on your own wall every day. With a Muurmeester you can enjoy the unique works of Holland's greatest masters. You can choose the size of your Muurmeester yourself, which makes your work of art even more unique.

What Is A Wall Master


A Muurmeester is a high-quality print on textile of an (old) master, stretched in an aluminum frame. These prints are available in all conceivable formats and are easy to change. A Muurmeester is a 100% Dutch product.


The Masterpieces of Muurmeesters are printed sharply on a sturdy textile that is wrinkle-free, colorfast and easy to clean. The fabric is provided with a special strip for easy application and exchange of the fabric in the frame.

At Muurmeesters, in addition to our standard textile, you now also have the choice for a velvet textile. The standard textile from Muurmeesters is made of a very sturdy, smooth fabric, which is perfect for the prints of the old masterpieces. Our velvet is thicker in material, has a softer appearance, a shine and therefore a high cuddly factor. All Muurmeesters from our collection can also be supplied in velvet.

Please note: The maximum width of velvet Muurmeester is 150 cm.

What Is A Wall Master

On the left the Muurmeesters velvet. On the right the standard Muurmeesters textile


The Muurmeesters are delivered in sturdy, luxurious aluminium frames that do full justice to the paintings. These frames are 27 mm thick and available in aluminium, black and gold.

*new* Our Muurmeesters are now also available in the leather and marble look

Tips And Tricks
Tips And Tricks

And the best part: these frames make changing paintings very easy! This way you can order several textiles and completely change the energy and appearance of your space, if desired. Adjust your textile to your mood, an occasion or the season with the interchangeable prints from Muurmeesters.


Wall brackets are supplied with the Muurmeester to fix the frame to the wall.

You can of course also hang your Muurmeester in other ways. Sometimes a Muurmeester is suspended from a rail system. It is important that you choose a hook that fits in the recess of the Muurmeester frame. We do not recommend the use of acoustic material with a Muurmeester that is hung from a rail system, because in this way the Muurmeester cannot be mounted tightly to the wall and the acoustic panel cannot always stay in place.


We are sorry but due to extremely high shipping costs and vulnerability, the Round Masters cannot be ordered outside the Netherlands. At Muurmeesters we now also have Round Wall Masters. The round frames are made of the same sturdy aluminium as our standard Muurmeesters. Your round Muurmeester will be delivered ready to use in a velvet version. The round frames are available in the diameter sizes 70cm, 100cm, 130cm and 150cm and are only available in black.

What Is A Wall Master


All Muurmeesters to be supplied in a velvet version. Velvet adds extra lustre and strength to the Dutch Masterpieces and creates dynamic colour contrasts. The paintings have a high caressability factor: they simply ask to be stroked. Don't be afraid to touch this soft Muurmeesters frequently, because the velvet is very sturdy and easy to clean.

What Is A Wall Master

Because the velvet Muurmeester is not smooth woven in comparison with the regular Muurmeester, but has a pile, it gets more depth. It is important to know that the velvet has a nap by petting and touching. The pile of the fabric can be flattened but the nap in the material will remain visible. In our opinion, this gives the visibility to the velvet the beautiful 'cuddly' effect to the Muurmeesters. If you don't want a streak to be visible in your Muurmeester, it might be better to choose a Muurmeester with the standard textile.

What Is A Wall Master

On the left an example of the velvet Muurmeester on the wall and on the right the velvet Muurmeester close up after stroking.

All our Muurmeesters are available in velvet up to a maximum width/height of 150cm* with a surcharge of 50%. Send us an mail with your wishes and we will help with your request. The delivery time of the velvet masters is also slightly longer than the usual 8 working days.

So, on request, the velvet can be printed up to a maximum width / height of 150cm


Your Muurmeester is delivered as an elongated package, after which you slide the frame parts together yourself and press the textile into the frame. Installing your Muurmeester is a simple operation. For more information about the mounting, you can go to the following movie to look. Of course we also send a manual with your product.


Order a master for your own wall, choose between works by Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals, Johannes Verspronck, Johannes Vermeer and many more Dutch masters. Take a look around in our collection.

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