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Abraham Mignon

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The life of Abraham Mignon

Abraham was born on 21 June 1640 in Frankfurt where his family had moved from the south of the Netherlands after the Reformation. His father was a merchant and sent Abraham at the age of seven to be apprenticed to Jacob Marrel, a still-life painter.

In 1660 Abraham left with his teacher for the Netherlands, where he was apprenticed to Jan Davidszoon de Heem. When he returned to Antwerp in 1672, Abraham took over his workshop. In 1669 Abraham became a member of the St Luke's guild.

In 1675 Abraham married the daughter of painter Cornelis Willaerts and together they got two daughters, Catharina and Anna.

Abraham died at the young age of 38 on 27 March 1679 and was buried in the Buurkerk in Utrecht.

The work of Abraham Mignon

Abraham specialised in flowers and fruit but also painted some portraits. Compared to the work of his teacher Jan Davidszoon de Heem, Abraham's work was harder in line and colour.
He put red or white roses in the foreground against a black background.

His work was already highly appreciated during his lifetime, but after his death, Abraham rose even more in the esteem of art lovers.

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