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Portrait of Jacob Olycan




Turn your wall into a Masterpiece with this portrait of Jacob Olycan by Frans Hals. To order in various sizes and a wonderful asset for the living room, bedroom or office. Read more about the painting here

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Original: oil on canvas 98,3 x 123,8 cm bxh

Jacob Olycan was a wealthy Haarlem brewer. When he married Aletta Hanemans, the couple had their portrait painted by the best portrait painter in the city: Frans Hals. He made two paintings. The groom on the left and the bride on the right, entirely according to convention.

Olycan, 29 years old, looks at us from above with his arm in his side and radiates pride and self-assurance. He is wearing a shiny black suit and an exuberant collar of white lace, which are painted very accurately.

Because Frans Hals painted this masterpiece more refined than his usual, looser style, we can see that the task was to paint a good likeness.

Portrait of Jacob Olycan is on view in the Mauritshuis, The Hague

Portrait of Jacob Olycan by Frans Hals

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