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The Spice Colours of Marie-Gon

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Marie-Gon, Interior stylist and colour expert, we know from the VT Wonen & Design fairs where we always have a pleasant cooperation with her. In 2019 she designed a number of round masters for us. Marie-Gon has recently developed a beautiful colour collection. With her love for India, she has teamed up with Robert from LAP paint (VESTINGH Paint - Craft - Lifestyle) created a palette based on the Indian 'spicebox' colours.

These Indian colours can often be seen in our old masters! Not very surprising, since the painters of the masterpieces often used pigments imported from India. If you bring these two together, the Spice Colours of Marie-Gon and our masters, you create a whole. A total picture that fits, strengthens each other.

To help you redecorate your home or office and decide on a Muurmeester, we have put together some examples. We hope to inspire you!

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Warm & spicy

This colour combination with warm tones like YELLOW ROOT and RACING RIKSJA We see it again in this masterpiece by Van Os. An ideal combination if you want to give your home a warm look.

Muurmeester: Still life with flowers by Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Neutral with spirit

When using neutral colours such as PEPPERY BLACK or POETIC PONDICHERRYIf you like, you can add a bit of spice by using a colour that stands out, such as a harder green or blue. Of course, this does not have to be a big thing, a detail is often enough.

Muurmeester: Flying Geese by Ohara Koson

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Fresh and fruity

Who would have thought that deep colours could be so fresh? Vincent van Gogh understood the effect of this special colour combination. The green of the WHISPERING WOODS on the wall unexpectedly matches the bright yellow lemons.

Muurmeester: Carafe and saucer with citrus fruit by Vincent van Gogh

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Keeping calm

If you choose calm, blue tones are a good basis, like the SMOKEY EYES or the PALE SKY. When combined with Daubigny's Sea, it creates a sense of calm in your interior. You can use this combination in your bedroom, but a peaceful view near your dining table is also often appreciated.

Muurmeester: Beach at low tide of Charles-François Daubigny

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Blushing white

A white wall can be beautiful, but with a soft touch like the QUIET BLUSH on it, your wall will look a lot warmer. Combining this Muurmeester with roses in a brighter green is surprising. Especially when you place it in your hallway, it is a really nice entry.

Muurmeester: Roses by Vincent van Gogh

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Bright colour

If you're not afraid of a bit of colour in your home, try playing with a colour block behind your Muurmeester. When you stagger these, you break up the fixed lines in your room, which gives a playful effect.
From the combination of the blue STUNNING VIEW and the deep purple of the POWER CHILI We love it. And can you see that the red also comes back beautifully in this girl's necklace and earrings?

Muurmeester: Resting girl by Jan Adam Kruseman

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Tastes like more

This colour combination makes us really happy. The beige-pink hue of STRONG GARLIC together with the SILENT CINNAMON is really a feast for the eyes. The Muurmeester with the street in Delft fits in so well! The scene makes us, just like Marie-Gon's colour combination, feel a bit nostalgic. Colours like the SILENT CINNAMON You don't have to use it on the whole wall. A border or bar in that colour makes a big difference in a room.

Muurmeester: The little street, view of houses in Delft by Johannes Vermeer

The Spice Colours of Marie Gon

Beautiful grey

This understated combination is not to be missed. The wall has the warm grey of the DANCING LEAVES. The Muurmeester with Japanese pencil drawing has the same shade in the details. Grey on grey is not boring. Combine the grey with details in a lively colour and there is no longer any question of boring. Use, for example, the PERFECT PETROL like this chair.

Muurmeester: Black Rider by Ohara Koson